Swiss loans for self-employed

Swiss loans can mean that the investment backlog is resolved for the self-employed. Entrepreneurs particularly appreciate the easier way of granting foreign loans. Your application is unbureaucratic. The payment is no less quick than with any loan from Germany. Nevertheless, choosing the right provider is not always easy. A flood of advertising obscures the essentials.

Swiss loans for the self-employed – the practical corporate loan

Swiss loans for the self-employed - the practical corporate loan

Swiss loans can enable corporate financing for the self-employed. The reason for this is the better conditions for granting foreign loans. They are less strict than in Germany. Self-employment is considered a permanent risk of income in Germany. Full order books and a good BWA hardly change this fact. The entrepreneur loan from the house bank is only available with great effort.

The successful entrepreneur has two options in this situation. On the one hand, he can neglect his core business and create evaluations, future forecasts and analyzes in laborious work. The success of this Sisyphean work is by no means guaranteed. An expert opinion by an independent, sworn business consultant is also often required. In addition to the loss of time, the costs for “the evidence” are disproportionately high. The loan from Germany is therefore very unattractive for many smaller companies.

Ensure business success with the international loan

Ensure business success with the international loan

Swiss loans for the self-employed are possible without neglecting bread. A direct loan application does not work, but reputable credit brokers offer the service at moderate costs. In addition, the credit intermediary only receives a performance fee. The cost risk of a failure, as the auditor implies for the bank from Germany, therefore does not exist. The process of applying for a loan is also not time-consuming.

The application can be completed online, printed out and sent by post. The time required for the application is less than one hour. It takes around five minutes to complete and print out the online application. The BWA provides the basis for the loan approval for many offers for Swiss credit.

It must also be printed out and enclosed with the application. The bureaucratic effort is already done. Day-to-day business can regain its usual status.

A detailed loan comparison is always essential

A detailed loan comparison is always essential

The foreign credit market is highly competitive. Every entrepreneur is almost overwhelmed with the promotional offers for foreign loans. As simple and quick as the application process is, everyone should take the time to conduct a detailed loan comparison. Only a closer look reveals cost traps and the sometimes serious differences in the offers.

Only nobody should look at the APR. Not all credit costs are included in this. It is necessary to compare the credit requirements and the agency fee to be paid. Credit default insurance unnecessarily increases the cost of borrowing. With a little time and attention to detail, Swiss loans for the self-employed are a good alternative to German bureaucracy.

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